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We’re Proud Not To Be Cheap

Here’s a story for you which sums up the moral of the story we see customers face on an almost daily basis.

A customer visited our workshop the other day with a problem with an electronic Mercedes key that someone else had made for him. The problem was that the key was starting the engine intermittently (to the point where the customer had broken down and called the AA out) and also the remote was working perhaps 2 out of every 10 clicks. This is obviously not right.

We assessed the key for visual damage before checking the signal emitting from the fob to confirm that the key was indeed the issue. We assured the customer that an additional key would fix the issue. The customer then proceeded to tell us that they had called an other auto locksmith out to the vehicle around 3 weeks ago that;

  • Didn’t belong to any company.
  • Didn’t give the customer a receipt.
  • Didn’t cut the emergency blade inside the key.
  • Wasn’t answering the phone anymore to the customer.

The person that went to him charged him £90.00 for this. All of our engineers were gobsmacked. There is no way that any company can provide a quality service & quality parts at such a low price. We advised the customer that we could supply an additional highest quality aftermarket remote key for the vehicle which would remedy his problem at a cost of £150.00 (at our main workshop).

We assured him;

  • He would get a full receipt with warranty included.
  • He would be able to order additional keys for the vehicle at a later date if he wished.
  • The emergency blade would be cut to match his existing.
  • If he needed any additional help (on how to customise the remote buttons) he could contact our main workshop.

If the customer had called us in the beginning, we would have charged him £220.00 and done the job correctly in the first place. Now the customer has had to spend £20.00 more and had his time wasted.

The moral of the story is this. We’re proud not to be cheap. Our prices are carefully calculated to give the best service & best value for money. We see keys everyday of our lives and have a team which is entirely dedicated to choosing the best ones for our customers.

If you see a price that’s advertised incredibly low, be careful. This customer could have easily been you.