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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that vehicle keys aren’t your everyday purchase and some customers may require a little explanation of how everything works. We’ve put together a set of helpful frequently asked questions which we hope will answer any questions you may have.

If you have a question that’s not answered on this list, don’t worry! Just call us on 0121 354 1449 where one of our technicians will be happy to help with any query you may have.

Established in 1991, Duplicut has 2 main ways it helps customers;

Our workshop service, based in Sutton Coldfield, is aimed at customers who are primarily in need of a spare key for their vehicle, or need their key repairing. Customers can drive to our workshop and have a spare key made for their vehicle in around 30 minutes. Our workshop also stocks the majority of replacement vehicle key cases as well as cutting household keys.

Our roadside lost key service is aimed at customers who have primarily lost the keys to their vehicle and cannot drive their vehicle to our workshop to have work done. We have a number of roadside engineers available to help customers with all sorts of problems such as keys being locked in vehicles, snapped blades etc.

Yes! Duplicut are fortunate to be one of the few companies in the UK who work closely with Advanced Diagnostics (world leaders in key programming equipment). We also use dealer tools therefore our knowledge and understanding of vehicle systems is of a high standard.

A Key Number is a code which would allow you have a mechanical blade cut to your car in the future (for example just to open the doors). You may have one of these supplied by us on a receipt.

An Immobiliser / Transponder Code is a unique security code which belongs to your vehicle. It is used to allow diagnostic equipment to gain access to your vehicle to perform key programming and other tasks. You may have one of these on a receipt from us. It’s advisable to keep this code in a secure location but not in the vehicle itself.

Yes! We are proud to offer a warranty on all of the keys that we supply. Please speak with a technician who will be able to advise.

Yes, we can definitely help! If you are purchasing a vehicle with no keys or logbook from an auction there are 2 things you will need to have ready and available to view before we can make a key.

  • Full valid receipt from auction company showing you have won the auction.
  • Proof of identity.

This applies to vehicles bought to our main workshop or a roadside visit.

Workshop Enquiries

Some of our most commonly asked questions regarding our workshop services.

For most standard key cutting services, such as cutting a house key or changing the battery on a key fob, you do not need to book an appointment. Our experienced technicians are able to complete these services quickly and efficiently, usually while you wait.

However, if you require a key to be cut for your vehicle, we strongly recommend that you book an appointment. Cutting a key for a vehicle can be a time-consuming process that requires specialised equipment and expertise. By booking an appointment, we can ensure that we have the necessary resources available to complete the job efficiently and accurately.

To book an appointment, you can contact the workshop on 0121 354 1449.

As much as we would love to cut it for you, as we cannot guarantee the quality of blade supplied, unfortunately we do not cut keys or key cases that have not been supplied by us.

Keys or key cases that have been ordered from Amazon / eBay may look good, but in reality the materials they are made from are sub par and we simply do not cut them due to risk of damage to our specialist key cutting equipment.

In most cases, our engineers can offer an alternative high quality case that we keep in stock.

Please do not be offended if an engineer refuses to cut your key – staff are instructed not to do so.

Yes! On the majority of vehicles we are able to delete keys that are programmed to the vehicle but not present. Our engineers are primarily trained to add additional keys into the vehicle. If you require a key deleting, please raise this with the technician that is working on your vehicle.

At our premises in Sutton Coldfield, on average it takes no longer than 30-45 minutes. Some vehicles can take slightly longer and some slightly shorter but we can advise this when you call.

With most modern vehicles we need to plug in with specialist diagnostic equipment to program your new key to the vehicle. With some earlier vehicles the vehicle may not be needed – Please call to see if your vehicle is required.

Important – Please bring all keys that you have for the vehicle when attending the workshop.

Roadside Service Enquiries

Some of our most commonly asked questions regarding our roadside services.

Our mobile engineer vans are equipped with the latest mobile payment systems, enabling customers to pay via card or cash. We do not accept bank transfer or cheque.

We have a team of expertly trained locksmiths so that we can offer a roadside lost key service. Our vans are fully equipped for all circumstances.

We cover Birmingham and surrounding areas. If you are not in our catchment area, we recommend using the Auto Locksmith locator found on the Auto Locksmith Association website.

Locksmith Locator

Yes – In most cases we are able to electronically disable any other keys that you have lost.

Please ensure that you discuss this in-person with the engineer who attends your vehicle.

Due to the amount of phone calls we receive, Duplicut Limited cannot be held responsible if this is not mentioned to the engineer who is working on your vehicle whilst the work is being carried out.

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You have a shiny new key supplied and programmed for your vehicle as you’d lost the original. A week later, after a search round the house, you find it in an old pair of jeans….but it doesn’t work anymore – what’s going on?

Most vehicles have systems where the keys are automatically deleted by default when a new key is programmed. Whilst in most cases this is good (as it renders the key unusable) It also means that you’re left with a key that doesn’t do anything. We have a solution.

If you find your key within a month of having a new one done (valid receipt with date needed as proof) we will program that key back for you completely free of charge!

Most vehicles are able to have their keys reprogrammed back to the vehicle after having new keys. There are some exceptions to this with some vehicles including Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Iveco & more. In such a case where the vehicle key is unable to be reprogrammed due to the immobiliser system on the vehicle, a new key would have to be paid for by the customer.

This offer is only valid at our workshop in Sutton Coldfield, with a physical receipt and only up to 30 days after the original job was completed. If your vehicle requires an immobiliser code to program keys, you will also need to supply this code which is usually written on the receipt given.