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Are you having a problem with your Nissan ignition barrel?

Is your key becoming harder and harder to pull out, or completely stuck and won’t pull out at all? We can help!

We specialise in repairing this common fault that occurs on some Nissan models including;

Nissan Qashqai – J10 Chassis (2006-2013)
Nissan Micra – K12 Chassis (2002-2010)
Nissan Note – E11 Chassis (2004-2012)

Nissan Qashqai J10

Nissan Micra K12

Nissan Note E11

What causes this problem?

This problem occurs because of a defect in the ignition barrel ingress cover which is located inside the barrel itself.

Over time, this cover wears down resulting in the barrel ‘grabbing’ onto the key blade and preventing you from removing it. Most of the time this will leave scoring marks on the key.

I have this problem on my vehicle, can you help?

Yes we can! This is a problem that we see on an almost weekly basis.

Rather than replace the barrel in it’s entirity, we are able to disassemble this barrel, replace the faulty component and reassemble, fixing the issue – at a fraction of the price of a new ignition barrel from Nissan.

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